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Mechanical clocks tell time using gears. They have two important parts: a mainspring and a pendulum. Mechanical clocks are wound with a key, and this tightens the mainspring. As the mainspring unwinds, its energy turns gears which cause the hands to move. The pendulum keeps time and ensures that the gears move at the right pace: second by second. Instead of a mainspring, some mechanical clocks have weights that pull the gears at the right pace.

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Clock Styles


• Floor Clock

Large, furniture versions that have been used for generations as a reminder of how beautiful every second can be

Mantel Clock

Decorative pieces made to be the center of attention on any mantel.

• Table Clock

Portable and compact clocks found in many applications throughout our lives. 

• Wall Clock

Decorative pieces that can be used to accent the wall of any room.


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